You beauties seem to ask these questions a lot......

How long does shipping usually take? 

  • Shipping takes 7-10 business days, with 1-3 days to fulfil once you make a purchase. This time will vary depending on where you live. 
  • We are doing our very best to maintain fast shipping times during these odd times. We are now shipping out of the US with many different postal service to insure your package arrives ASAP!

Will I be able to handle the crowds of screaming woman after buying these shades? 

  • No....

How do they match up in quality to other brands? 

  • See question above....
  • Filthy Shades are made from premium materials, that are found in many luxury brands. Our price point and quality will not disappoint!
  • We are always working to improve our material with every launch. We take all feedback that you provide and strive to up our game.
  • Our lenses are 400% UV protection at a minimum with many of our products offering the new "Ultra Crisp Polarized Lens Tech" 

Do you offer bulk orders / wholesale? 

  • If you are interested in ordering alllllll the sunglasses, shoot us an email through the site and we can make it happen! 
  • If you are a small business owner wanting to outfit your crews, we are happy to offer a solid discount to make sure you are all looking filthy AF.    


The Filthy Guarantee Details 


  • If your sexy ass shades for some wild reason do not show up to your lovely home, show up damaged, and or come with to many woman, we will send you a new pair. You will also receive a full refund after 90 days if your sunglasses do not arrive. ( No idea why this would happen but you're welcome) 
  • Starting in FEB/2022 we are now offering our "FILTHY PROTECTION GUARANTEE" with all of our sunglasses. If you break your glasses we will replace them for you completely! You can now SEND in peace knowing your shades are protected.
  • PLEAE READ RULES - (Guarantee does not cover lost or stolen glasses. You must submit a photo of your broken glasses via email, with your order number. There is a small processing fee to ship out your replacement shades. Offer only applies to the model of glasses that you broke, we do not replace your broken shades with a different style from what you purchased. Offer only applies to purchases post February 2022. This offer only applies to one replacement pair of shades.



If your question was not answered above, please shoot us a filthy message and we will get back to ya ASAP.