Black Pandemics (Polarized)

$70.00 $112.00


 The BIGGER, blacker shades, for those who need all the help they can get. 

 Made with pretty premium materials that will slide onto your ear hole covers with ease. The lenses are wider, taller, have more attitude than ever before. The perfect pair of specs for every full send occasion!

They are the new classics in the world of Filthy shades.......even Lance Ligget has some!

 She said that size doesn’t matter…... she's lying! I promise this will quickly going to become your favorite pair of shades!


**This offer is good for one replacement pair. You must submit a photo of your broken glasses and order number, and cover the shipping costs. Must full send constantly**

       Product info:

  • Length: Long...
  • Polarized**
  • Width: Wide….
  • Lenses: UV400 baby
  • Sizing: Fits all sizes (there is a ton of stretch for those big noggins out there) 
  • Main uses: Smoking darts, dips in, sends out, and steamy tinder dates. 

 WARNING: When wearing the pandemics, please consider hiring a team of large humans to protect you from the opposite sex charging you from all angles….it’s a thing I swear!  

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